About Us

Airde Group, Inc. is a full service private investigation agency serving attorneys and law firms, global and local financial institutions, public and privately held companies, insurance agencies, small businesses, and the general public throughout New England and nationwide.

As Massachusetts’ premier private investigators, we are committed to providing you with unrivaled professional service at competitive rates. All investigations are conducted by experienced investigators who undertake each case with the utmost integrity and confidentiality – always with the client’s goal in mind.

Airde Group, Inc. is experienced in all aspects of private investigation, including but not limited to, complex asset identification and recovery, corporate due diligence, intellectual property/trademark/patent infringement, litigation support, matrimonial/domestic/custodial matters, witness location, in-depth interviews, insurance fraud, surveillance, pre-employment investigations, background investigations, and service of legal process. Please see our Services page for further information on what we can offer you.